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FT-100 Filling Systems large image
FT-100 Filling Systems large image
FT-100 Filling Systems thumbnail
FT-100 Filling Systems thumbnail

FT-100 Filling Systems

The FT-100 filling system is designed to be used as a multi-drum multi-layer filler whether filling 20 kg containers, 200 kg drums or IBC’s, but will basically fill anything in-between 20 kg through to 1000 kg, request our internal opening nozzle if you are filling open top pails.

The main arm of the filling machine can be lifted and lowered to accommodate multi-layer filling, the filling arm is then maneuvered around the pallet to accommodate all the containers on one level without having to adjust the arm height.

To speed up your filling process use the twin platform option, this will allow the operator to fill on platform 1 whilst platform 2 is being loaded with empty containers, once platform 1 has been completed simply move the filling arm over to platform 2 and continue to fill, at this point platform 1 can be unloaded and replaced with empty containers or drums.

This filling machine can be incorporated into either a new or existing conveyor system. Our conveyors can be supplied in mild or stainless steel, gravity or powered conveyor, 240v, 415v, safe or hazardous area (zone 2) and these can also incorporate an inverter for speed control (safe area conveyors only) although the FT-100 can also be interfaced with a conveyor the conveyor system will require infill plates to enable the operator to walk around the filling area.

Key Features-

  • Easy strip down nozzle for cleaning.
  • Multi-On-Pallet.
  • Suitable for none foaming (Top Fill) & foaming (Bottom Fill).
  • Weights and Measures approved.
  • ATEX compliant.
  • Nozzles manufactured from 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy or PVDF with PTFE and Viton seals
  • Interfaced with weigh platform, flow meter or mass flow meter
  • Choice of weigh indicators / platforms or alternatively use your existing equipment.
  • Internal opening nozzle for open top containers / pails (optional)

Capacity weigh range of 20 kg to 1000 kg

16 x 25 kg containers (max 3 layers total of 48 per pallet)
4 x 200 kg drums
1 x 1000 kg IBC container
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