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APOLLO Series GF-A/GX-A large image
APOLLO Series GF-A/GX-A large image
APOLLO Series GF-A/GX-A large image
APOLLO Series GF-A/GX-A thumbnail
APOLLO Series GF-A/GX-A thumbnail
APOLLO Series GF-A/GX-A thumbnail


  • With the Apollo series we are taking weighing precision and protection to new heights. The incorporated advanced technologies provide innovative solutions to the user. The Electronically Controlled Load (ECL) technology enables users to perform a quick repeatability test internally without the need for an external weight. The entire process takes only 1.5 minutes versus traditional external weight procedures which can take up to 5-10 minutes, ultimately providing greater convenience and efficiency. Standard deviation is calculated by the Auto Precision Assessment (APA) feature. Apollo smartly performs a diagnostic system check or Dia-Check providing a critical pass or fail indication. The integrated Impact Shock Detection (ISD) visually indicates the magnitudes of impact shocks that the sensor receives at four different levels. This function provides real-time feedback to the user to prevent damage to the weighing sensor.


  • Wide selection including high-capacity, high-resolution, internal calibration (GX-A) or external calibration (GF-A) models
  • Newly developed Smart SHS weighing sensor featuring ECL technology*2
  • APA – Auto Precision Assessment. Automatic assessment of the balance performance. Calculation and display of Standard Deviation (repeatability) at the point of use without the need for calibration weights! Can be checked daily via a key press. (GX-A and GF-A)
  • Automatic Minimum Weight Calculation and setting via APA function
    Input minimum weight automatically via APA or manually using weights
    Visual Minimum Weight alert
  • UAC – User Access Control, Administrator and Operator password access to ensure data integrity
  • Calibration via One-touch, Interval, pre-set times (3) or automatically in response to ambient temperature changes (GX-A)
  • ISD – Impact Shock Detection*1, 4 level shock detection with visual and audible feedback. Maintain the performance of your investment through correct use of the balance. Ideal in automated loading applications and ideal for operator guidance
  • FRD – Flow Rate Display*2, direct display of flow rate of a sample in g/s, g/m, g/h or volume flow rate in mL/s, mL/m, mL/h. Up to 10 sample densities can be saved to memory. Use in conjunction with the flow Rate Comparator to keep flow rates within designated limits
  • SCF – Statistical Calculation Function, display and print various statistical results on the balance display or output to a printer or PC
  • Standard RS232 and Dual Mode USB interface. USB can be configured for ‘quick’ mode (connect to PC without the need for software installation) or bi-directional mode
  • UFC – Universal Flexi Coms configurable data output, ideal for connection to data acquisition systems or barcode label printers etc.
  • Gross/Net/Tare data output, Tare memory, Underhook, Capacity Indicator
  • Large selection of Options and Accessories

Models & Resolutions

Capacity Resolution Pan Size
122 g 0.001 g 128 x 128 mm
220 g 0.001 g 128 x 128 mm
320 g 0.001 g 128 x 128 mm
620 g 0.001 g 128 x 128 mm
1620 g 0.001 g 128 x 128 mm
1220 g 0.01 g 128 x 128 mm
2200 g 0.01 g 165 x 165 mm
3200 g 0.01 g 165 x 165 mm
6200 g 0.01 g 165 x 165 mm
6200 g 0.1 g 165 x 165 mm
10200 g 0.1 g 165 x 165 mm
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