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MasterMount Assembly large image

MasterMount Assembly

The MasterMount® is a unique, patented and cost-effective load cell/mounting accessory combination for silo, tank, hopper or vessel weighing.  Installation is made easier, safer and much faster using this simple innovative design.  Load cell installation/replacement can be carried out in only a few minutes.

A high precision stainless steel VC3500 double shear beam load cell, protected to IP68/IP69K, combines with a painted alloy steel weighing module having an integrated cam mechanism.  This is an ideal combination for applications requiring wash-down cleaning, even in hazardous (ATEX/IECEx) areas.  The load cell’s ATEX certification eliminates the need for safety barriers in dust zones 20, 21, 22.

No specialist tools or lifting equipment is necessary to raise the weighing vessel, install a load cell, then lower the vessel again – even when it is full.  The lifting and lowering is carried out by the weighing module itself.  This reduces the list of tools required for installation and increases safety.

This is a cost-effective solution, designed to simplify the installation work of weighing system integrators.

Because the MasterMount accessory is manufactured as a cast construction, it is exempt from any requirement for approval to EN 1090 / Construction Products Regulation.

The MasterMount® mounting accessory can be bolted to the feet of the silo, tank, vessel or hopper before this is delivered to its final location. The load cell can remain in its separate packaging until the mechanical installation (and any necessary welding) is complete, thus avoiding potential damage to the sensitive load cell.  Then the transit bolts are untightened and the cam mechanism is turned by 180 degrees to lower the top plate into the weighing position, even with up to 20,000kg of weight on each MasterMount – therefore production does not need to stop.  Removal of the load cell, for example to move the weighing vessel or for eventual load cell replacement after many years, is simply the reverse of the above.

Lift-off protection is achieved by the mounting accessory alone, so protection is available before load cell installation and there is no reverse shock loading transmitted to the load cell by uplift forces, for example heavy winds.  Other mounting accessory designs can transmit reverse shock loading to the load cell.


  • Load cell installation/removal under load, in just a few minutes, without any lifting jacks or dummy load cells – minimal production downtime
  • Low profile design
  • Exempt from requirement for approval to EN 1090 / CPR
  • Capacity range 2,000kg to 30,000kg with one size of load cell and mounting accessory
  • Fully welded and hermetically sealed stainless steel load cell, protected to IP68/IP69K
  • ATEX approved version for all zones (no need for safety barriers in dust zones 20, 21 and 22)
  • IECEx approved version for all zones
  • Options: Parylene coating for the load cell when used in extremely harsh environments, high temperature and amplified output (4-20mA) versions
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