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PT Solar Portable Weigh Pad large image

PT Solar Portable Weigh Pad

Self-Contained, High-Capacity Portable Wheel Load Scales!

The Industry Standard in Digital Wheel Load Weighing, the PT300™ scales have been setting the bar for portable, self-contained, compact wheel load scales for decades. Used to maximize legal payloads and reduce maintenance due to overload stress on equipment, these all aluminium, fully-equipped electronic scales are capable of weighing up to 10,000 kg with an accuracy of ±1%.

They also feature RFX™ Wireless Weighing communication between scales and remote indicators, and all PT300™ scales come standard with solar charging panels that virtually eliminate the need to manually recharge batteries between uses.

PT300™ scales can also weigh dual-tire configurations by placing the scales under the outside tires, with the inside tires suspended in the air.


  • A backlit display allows for visibility a night
  • Wireless technology allows each axle to be totalised without cables.
  • Low battery indicator warns when weigh pads require charging.
  • Rechargeable battery- enabling use without an electrical power supply
  • Dimensions 76 mm x 406 mm x 508 mm
  • Capacity 10000 kg
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