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Resolution 3 Parcel Dimensioning Weigh Station

Resolution 3 is a low cost/high quality dimensioning and weighing system that can calculate dimensions, volume, weight and volumetric/dimensional weight in a fraction of a second.


Cutting edge 3D image processing technology means the Resolution range is a fraction of the cost of other dimensioners on the market that rely on outdated and less accurate ultrasonic or laser solutions.


Designed for complete portability and efficiency, Resolution3 can weigh and dimension parcels up to 80cm cubed in 0.05 seconds. Manufactured in the UK the weighing scale and portable frame can be customised for larger parcels/freight as required and can be moved to any location quickly and easily with it’s 4 swivelling locking casters.


The image capture and dimensioning can be triggered at the press of a button or by scanning a barcode. The dimensions and weight are then calculated in an incredible 0.05 seconds. The data and image is stored and optionally sent via Ethernet, RS232 serial or Wifi to a server or 3rd party software. Configuration and integration is easy using the web interface and our powerful and simple to use API.


All measurement data and images are stored on the Resolution One Camera and can be


  • viewed locally on the Resolution 15″ display
  • remotely viewed and downloaded from any PC or mobile device with a web browser using the built in web service
  • sent via Ethernet, WiFi or RS232 to a PC or server in Excel file format


Dimension and weigh parcels, tubes and other irregular shaped packaging in 0.05 seconds

Resolution 3 incorporates a VWSPS Stainless Steel Single Point Weighing Platform mounted on a robust stainless steel frame for high accuracy OIML Class III approved weighing performance which seamless integrates into easy to use software. The weighing scale is supplied fully calibrated and ready to use on power up.


Resolution One camera is mounted on a oversized stainless column. Dimensions of cubic or irregular shaped objects are accurately calculated using the latest 3D image processing technology. All dimension data and images are saved on Resolution One and easily transferred to servers or 3rd party software via Ethernet or WiFi. Integration and calibration is easy using built in web access and API. Click here to request further information and pricing.

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