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Weighbridge Software large image
Weighbridge Software large image
Weighbridge Software large image
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Weighbridge Software thumbnail
Weighbridge Software thumbnail

Weighbridge Software

Our Uniwin Weighbridge Software is a modular system that grows with your business, you only pay for the elements you need.  The systems flexible configuration means it can easily be adapted or extended as your business changes.  New equipment can be added or removed, new applications introduced or additional sites brought onto the same system.  As a Windows-based package it can hold several years of transactional data for analysis and traceability.

The data entry screens can be configured to capture the information required, with fields being either table linked, free entry or a combination of both.  Fields can also be made mandatory at either 1st or 2nd weighings.  Any number of weighbridges can be connected and being fully network compatible weighings can be carried out on several bridges at the same time.

The system can provided various pricing mechanisms allow the user to calculate charges based on weight and or units.  Invoices can then be generated directly from the software or priced transactions can be exported to a third party accounts package for invoicing therein.

Being multi-lingual the operator can select between any of four pre-set languages to suit their application.

The system is also more than just a weighing package allowing extra data collection stages to be added, for example quality results being added to transactions at any time, and can link to a wide variety of different hardware including traffic barriers, hand held PDA’s, weighbridges of different manufacturers.

Operation includes background tasking allowing data transfer, scheduled reporting, etc. to be carried out whilst weighbridge operations continue allowing the customer to continue working 24/7.


A flexible reporting module allows the user to sort information on any criteria over any given date and time range.  Reports can be tailored and scheduled to be printed out to any network printer available.

File Handling

All files within Uniwin operate using a menu selection, button or short key. Daily, Weekly, Monthly In and Out totals can be maintained together with financial information.

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